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Silicone Kitchen's USB Portable Blender 6 Blade 400ML


Imagine the freedom of being able to go anywhere and blend your favorite smoothies, shakes, margaritas, or baby food without the limitations of a regular Blender. 

Now, you’ll experience the freshest, most amazing flavors everywhere you go, because you’re living in the future with a Silicone Kitchen portable and USB rechargeable blender. After blending 8-12 beverages on a single charge, simply plug into any USB port or charger to recharge in no time.

Four USB Portable Blenders with fruit and juice inside the clear cup. One Green, One Blue, One Pink, One Purple


DESIGN - Power Blend Pro is made from BPA free food-safe materials. It fits in most standard size cup holders. The built-in strainer can filter out excess pulp.

POWERFUL - 7.4V electrical motor spins its 6-point stainless steel blades at a speed of 22,000 RPM.

SAFETY  Built-in safety features prevent the motor from overheating and the blades from spinning when the jar isn't connected to the base.

A Blue USB blender. A Pink USB Blender and a green USB Blender on and mixing fruit and juice in a kitchen

  1. Add your favourite fruits, veggies and more inside the blender.
  2. Press the power button to start blending. Press it again to stop.
  3. Enjoy your favourite smoothies, shakes, and mixed drinks on the go.The best blender to go for smoothies, shakes and drinks.

Blue USB Portable Blender with fruit and juice being mixed in. White Male turns blender on and blends fruit in kitchen


We asked 1000s of frequent blender users how they use their blenders, and designed Silicone Kitchens Portable Blender to be the perfect size for the majority of customers. It’s compact enough to carry with you using its built-in carrying strap, or even to fit in your car’s cup holder, but large enough to make all of your favorites.

USB portable Blender attached to black backpack with backpacker hiking next to a pond


Simply just charge it at home with our provided USB charger that comes with the blender and "Poof" you are on your way anywhere you are going with a fully charged Portable Blender at your use to blend up your favorite drinks! Pink USB portable blender being pluged in by mico usb with white background